February 25, 2013

Molly and Patrick’s story is out of a romantic-holiday-chick-flick. You know, the perfect love story that also involves holiday cheer, mistletoe, your family and a glass of bubbly? That pretty much describes these two! Molly and Patrick first met thru mutual friends and then 6 months later, while on Christmas break, they ran into one another again and there was an instant connection. Four years later, Molly woke up one morning to their dog, Kirby, with a note tied around his collar. There was a trail of flowers, followed by notes, leading downstairs to Patrick. Together, as their little family, Molly said Yes and for their engagement session, we felt there was no better place to begin this day, rather than their home.

Molly and Patrick have an amazing home! It’s bright, open and incredibly charming and welcoming. I’m also a sucker for books, so to see that Molly had Vogue Brides and Design Sponge on her coffee table, made me incredibly happy! We really do have the best clients! After a fresh snow, winter is a magical time here in Minnesota and it was absolutely the perfect time of year for Molly and Patrick’s story.

terpblg0001 Molly and Patrick // Engaged! terpblg0002 Molly and Patrick // Engaged! terpblg0003 Molly and Patrick // Engaged! terpblg0004 Molly and Patrick // Engaged! terpblg0005 Molly and Patrick // Engaged! terpblg0006 Molly and Patrick // Engaged! terpblg0007 Molly and Patrick // Engaged! terpblg0008 Molly and Patrick // Engaged! terpblg0009 Molly and Patrick // Engaged!  terpblg0011 Molly and Patrick // Engaged! terpblg0012 Molly and Patrick // Engaged! terpblg0013 Molly and Patrick // Engaged!  terpblg0015 Molly and Patrick // Engaged! terpblg0016 Molly and Patrick // Engaged! terpblg0017 Molly and Patrick // Engaged! terpblg0018 Molly and Patrick // Engaged! terpblg0019 Molly and Patrick // Engaged! terpblg0020 Molly and Patrick // Engaged! terpblg0021 Molly and Patrick // Engaged! terpblg0022 Molly and Patrick // Engaged! terpblg0023 Molly and Patrick // Engaged!


Congratulations to Molly and Patrick on your engagement! We’re so excited to continue the winter tradition with your wedding this year!


  • [...] Molly and Patrick had an absolutely fantastic day. As I am photographing a wedding, I always try to wrap my head around that couple’s story and find some common theme throughout. For Molly and Patrick, I felt that the theme of their day was all about embracing the elements of surprise. When this couple first booked me for their wedding photography, everything was scheduled to be different. A different day, and different venue and an entirely different time-of-the-year. Life had other things in mind and a few months ago, Molly and Patrick found out they were expecting! With all of the excitement building for the wedding, the couple decided to switch it up and they changed course. A new date was set, the new venue was booked and everyone in their wedding came together to embrace the new direction of the day! Their wedding took place at Aria in Minneapolis and many more surprises happened throughout their day. Molly and her Father danced one of the best first dances I have ever seen. It was SO SO SO fun to watch their energy on the dance floor, especially after her father had just noted in his speech that dancing with his daughter in the kitchen was one of his favorite memories. At the end of the night, the wedding party – and all of the guests – surprised Molly and Patrick with a performance of The Lumineer’s Ho Hey song that stole the night! [...]